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Laboratory of Pharmacological Innovation

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Welcome to Isom Lab, where we have established a vibrant research program

working to illuminate the molecular and cellular basis of proton sensing,

develop synthetic biology technologies for health and energy applications,

and create novel data science approaches in protein structure-function informatics.



Diverse trainees with a variety of scientific and professional goals

We’re a talented and dynamic group of graduate, medical, master's, and undergraduate trainees working to push the boundaries of molecular and cellular pharmacology.  We hail from diverse backgrounds and geographies and share a common pursuit for scientific insight, discovery, and biotechnology development.


Our multidisciplinary approach combines wet-lab experimentation that is guided by large-scale computational predictions.


A major goal of our research is to illuminate the molecular and cellular basis of protons sensing with special emphasis on GPCRs and ion channels. We aspire to use this insight to advance the knowledge-base of biological mechanisms and develop pH-intelligent technologies relevant to basic and clinical research.

Synthetic biology

Our approach is unique in that we use concepts and techniques that integrate molecular biophysics with cell-based assays in yeast and human cell models. Our major advancements are made using high-throughput CRISPR engineering to create vast libraries of  humanized yeast strains.

Data science

Gaining actionable intelligence from protein sequence and structure.

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